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Our school day

Our school day starts at 8.35am. Pupils come in and settle to an early morning task. Register closes at 8.45am.

Most classes start with a guided reading or phonics session at 9.00am followed by literacy or maths learning.

Assembly is usually at 10.15am followed by break at 10.30am. Friday Assembly starts at 10.10am and often goes past 10.30am because we celebrate all our successes over the week including those from out of school activities.

Our learning starts again at 10.45am until lunchtime.

Key stage 1 start their lunch at 12.00pm, whilst Key stage 2 start at 12.15pm.

Lunchtime play ends at 1.15pm

Our afternoon learning lasts until 3.10pm when pupils are taken out to the playgrounds to find their parents or, for some of the older children, find their way home!